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KS1 Long Term Plan

Writing Development at KPI

Key Concepts

Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation

Poetry, Rhymes and Songs Spine


At KPI we believe that being able to read and write are vital life skills that open the door to all other learning. We passionately believe in helping children to develop not only the technical skills of reading and writing, but also fostering a love for reading and books.

Our teaching of reading and spelling within the school is based on the Sounds-Write programme. Formal teaching of letter-sound correspondences starts when children start in Reception and continues until a child is a confident and competent reader and speller. In our nursery, the focus is on developing phonological awareness and children are not taught letter-sound correspondences.

Phonics Whole School Overview

Nursery Long Term Plan - Phonics

Reception Long Term Plan - Phonics

Y1 Long Term Plan - Phonics

Y2 Long Term Plan - Phonics

SoundsWrite Leaflet for Reception Parents


Reading Spine

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