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Children's University

We are proud to be part of Rotherham Children's University. Children's University is a national scheme that recognises the importance of extra curricular activities and rewards children for taking part in these.

How To Take Part

Every child, from F2 onwards, is automatically enrolled with CU as part of attending Kiveton Infants. Every time they access clubs or activities out of school hours - for example, the school singing club or a football club, they can earn CU credits (1 credit = 1 hour of learning).

Earning credits gets them stickers at our half termly assembly, and once they reach 30 hours of learning they earn a CU Bronze Certificate. After this is a CU Silver Certificate for 65 hours and a CU Gold Certificate for 100 hours. The Bronze and Silver certificates are presented in school, and the Gold Certificates are presented at a special CU award ceremony for families and children from across Rotherham.

If you have any questions about CU, please speak to Mrs Goucher or Mrs Bonsall.

Information and Newsletters

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Newsletter Christmas 2022

CU Activity  

Newsletter Easter 2023

CU Activity  

Newsletter Summer 2023

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Newsletter October 2023

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Newsletter Christmas 2023

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Newsletter February 2024

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