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Art and Design

Whole School Overview

Artistic Development at KPI

Cycle A Medium Term Plan

Cycle B Medium Term Plan

Key Concepts

Art and Design Glossary

As a school, we feel it is important for children to be aware of significant artists and artworks. As well as art lessons, children are also taught about an ‘artwork of the week’. Children look at where the look at the work of art and talk about how it is composed and how it makes them feel, and also learn about the artist who created it.

Artwork of the Week

Across the school year, children focus on an 'artwork of the week' every fortnight. The artists studied cover a rnage of styles, mediums and time periods and are designed to show children the wide world of art that is out there. The artists and artworks covered are listed below, and a link to the artist's/museum's wesbite is included where possible. Please note these are external links and we are not responsible for any content found on them.

Cycle A:

Cycle B:

Pete McKee - A Perfect Day

Andy Goldsworthy - Woven Branch Circular Arch

Giacomo Burrattini - z8_GND_5296

LS Lowry - Going to Work

Tatty Devine - Red Lobster Necklace

Matisse - Memory of Oceania

Alice Boyle - Caught Up In Green

David Hockney - Portrait of the Artist (Pool With 2 Figures)

Jackson Pollock - Convergence

Leonardo da Vinci - The Mona Lisa

Vincent Van Gogh - Sunflowers

Johannes Vermeer - Girl With A Pearl Earring

MC Escher - Waterfall

Gloria Mills Petryarre - Untitled Rainbows 2006

Shizu Okino - Tied Rocks

Kelly Gardner - Goldfinch

Betty Acquah - Breaking of Dawn

Naderson Saint-Pierre - Hidden Story (Self Portrait)

Anthony Gormley - Angel of the North

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