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Our curriculum is built around the ‘Key Concepts’ that underpin each subject. Our lessons are carefully planned to match to these, with the content covered a vehicle for children to begin to understand the wider concepts that form each area of learning.

Our Key Stage One long term plan sets out how or curriculum is mapped across Y1 and Y2 and our Nursery and Reception skills and experiences long term plans show how learning progresses through our EYFS. Our Curriculum Goals track development in the additional areas that are important to us as a school.

Key Stage One Long Term Plan

Nursery  Skills and Experiences

Reception Skills and Experiences

Curriculum Goals

Each subject has its own long term plans and coverage documents, which are available on each individual subject pages.

Information about KS1 planning at KPI

Long term planning:

An overview for KS1 broken down into year groups and terms showing the main aspects covered each term. This allows subject leaders to be aware of what is being taught and when in each year group. Medium term plans then detail of what is covered each week. Having a whole year overview means subject leaders can check that every subject has full coverage of all the KS1 statutory National Curriculum objectives and school leaders can see the links being made within, between and across subjects


Medium term planning:

Not every week will have a focus for every subject area, but over the academic year each subject will have had sufficient teaching time to cover the statutory objectives. Links will be made between within and across where possible and practical, but these will not be ‘tenuous’ or forced. Music, City and Artwork of the week form part of class assembly time and give children additional general knowledge about those areas. Long and medium term plans underpin the planning and teaching of all subject areas, this document provides an overview of each half term ‘at a glance’.


Short term planning:

Teachers are free to use whatever format they feel is best for their short term (weekly) planning. Most use the same format for English, maths and phonics across school. For many subjects the medium term plan has enough detail for staff to be able to use that without creating additional lesson plans.


For more information about the curriculum your child will follow, speak to their class teacher. Alternatively, you can contact the school’s Curriculum Leader, Mrs Goucher (

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