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Admissions Agreement For Kiveton Park Infant School

To All Parents/Carers

James Montgomery Academy Trust invites you to view the Admission Agreement for Kiveton Park Infant School for 2025-2026.

This agreement is under consultation between 18th December 2023 - 29th January 2024.

Changes made to the Admission agreement include:

  • ​Removing information that parents do not need to consider making the agreement more user friendly

  • Adding within the Admission criteria provision during application for twins, triplets or siblings born in the same academic year to be treated as equals

  • PAN (Published Admission Numbers) numbers highlighted under appendix 1 to cover all schools within the trust

To view the agreement please follow this link  or visit 'Admissions' on our school website. 

If you wish to communicate about this, please contact the school office.

Mrs Bonsall will record any queries and pass them on to the Trust via Mrs Idell. 

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